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Studio Assistant

August 10, 2017

Never leave home without her. Joni Mitchell the studio pup is our secret to always having a good day even when it may be a bad day. Highly recommend a k9 companion to all who work long studio hours.

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August 8, 2017

When not in the studio I prefer to be on the open road. A 4×4 only dirt road to be specific. The truck, the dog, the boy friend and a great view. We’ve been hustling hard and day dreaming of this past adventure filled Spring season. In need of another open space field trip real soon. I feel like the pup agrees. Until then the hustle continues! Not complaining just caught my head in the clouds for a moment there.

For more photos of our travels in the truck check out my personal instagram account – @the_tonic_of_wildness

And if you got any recent near by dirt road must see spots for camping and the likes please don’t hesitate to share.

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April 25, 2017

Bust Magazine, Creature Comforts, Booty Call: By Callie Watts

Featuring our Feminist Hand Pressed Brass Pet Tag!

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Custom Brass pet Tags

September 14, 2016


due to popular demand we have now added custom brass pet tags to our online shop. our tags are hand hammered with love and are a stylish way to make sure fido or meow pants know who to call. our pet / dog / cat tags measure 1 1/4″ diameter and are light weight. and might we add we are very proud of our 11 1/2 week old joni – australian shepherd puppy’s start to her modeling career.

shop it up here!

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a book, friends, a dog, a shop…

November 13, 2013


my super talented friend emma has recently released her book on knitting titled knitting by design and it is awesome! to celebrate one of my favorite stores in all the lands, individual medley hosted a party that was tops! never a dull moment when you have a smilebooth to be goofy in with babe-a-licious friends like miss emma  or miss justina… oh yeah, and that fluffy gal i spend lots of time with… hannah dog!

(the lovely garland behind us was made by none other than the one and only yasmine.)

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la i’m yours

November 6, 2013


anyone who knows me is well aware that i am a proud angeleno, so its no surprise when kyle of LA I’M YOURS  hit me up for an interview i was pretty excited. also kyle independent of his blog is a pretty fantastic person to spend time with. and when laure offered to shoot my studio… i was all smiles! (and so was hannah. she is obsessed with miss joliet.)

unlike most interviews i have done that focus on the product in this particular story kyle really emphasized questions regarding the cross over between art and commerce. he had me asking myself questions i knew the answers to in my head but hadn’t really spent a lot of time communicating to a larger audience – and thank you kyle for that challenge. often times the chaparral studio “image” is limited to pretty pictures of succulents and crystals so its great to be able to engage and share my relationship and history with art and what business has done to me along with the influence my town, los angeles.

the photos of the studio are all by the amazing laure joliet. she came just in time, as my studio mate quinn built these beautiful custom shelves. hire him! he is amazing!

you can read the full post here. xo b


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hang ’em high

November 5, 2013


i have 3 cats. two of which (the girls) are naughty little plant munchers. with that in mind my house plant selection has had to consist of poison free and hardy greens (and of course all the other considerations such as light conditions also weigh in on the decision making). that said i rarely put a plant at cats reach. in fact 99% of my house plants are hanging high.

i like this solution for displaying plants not only because it protects them from feline teeth but it feeds my bohemian fantasy of cascading ferns and long limbered cacti. while i own many plant hangers and have even made a few, i recently have come across two locally handmade designs that have certainly made my wish list. they are too good not to share with you my fellow green thumbs…

the leather number is by makesmith. the craftsmanship and details are perfection. the other planter hanger that has won my affection is Jo Abellera of KKIBO‘s organic shaped air plant hanger. these little guys are my idea of hippie chic.

do you have a favorite source or plant hanger designer? please share! i personally can never have too many!


(the guilty ladies are the two on the left… yup.)

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