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Tip the world over on its side and everything loose will land in Los Angeles. -Frank Lloyd Wright

Slowly sloping towards the ocean, Los Angeles is a bazaar of curiosities, marvels, and sun-soaked fantasy. But cradling this dream by the beach, acting as segue from the make-believe to the reality of the surrounding deserts is the chaparral. It is a landscape in between. It is from this space that Chaparral Studio fashions the wispy end of strings into reminders of these possibilities.

Bianca D’Amico studied art, receiving a BFA from Otis and an MFA from CalArts. Her affinity for playing with plants, a few of which are like her, native to California, led to creating terrariums – whimsical worlds where miniature figures could play out little narratives – and Terri Planty was formed.

Now the edges are expanding. The blanket laid out is unfolding further.

Chaparral Studio is a proscenium of arcing lines of flora, bones, feathers, and crystalline stones that frame the glow of that distinct California light scattered upon the spaces we live and those we remember.

Bianca can often be found pausing to notice an otherwise overlooked peculiarity on the ground and consulting her faithful and ever-interested dog before returning home with it to the slight confusion of her two feline roommates.

Specializing in the handmade, be it planted, worn, celebrated or seen, Chaparral Studio is a creative studio based in and inspired by the Los Angeles landscape with an emphasis on storytelling, the organic, and all the details found along the way… Please view our services page to learn more about what we do…

If you are in the mood for a little video action check out our studio tour hosted by Emma of EMMA DIME and shot / edited by WADE! below…



A special thank you to these two. My folks. They are my mentors, collaborators, support group, and inspiration. A big part of the Chaparral Studio team. Without these two none of this would have been possible.




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rad + in love (cover photo)
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our terrariums are not your typical run of the mill planted creations.  we create landscapes that indulge your fantasies and tickle your perceptions. not only filled with beautiful collections of plant life, but they also showcase miniature people and animals involved in curious scenes. sometimes romantic, silly, unexpected or politically charged. the terrariums are a platform from which we illustrate and deliver a world that stems from our imagination. they are a way of bottling up scenes from a dream or thought, performed on a planted landscape, inviting you to take a closer look.
each piece is one of a kind. all of the artwork, objects, vessels and plants are carefully selected and / or handmade. many of the natural materials are locally found or grown. the rocks are from desert trips, the feathers are often collected from the garden or on long walks and some of the succulents are homegrown.
custom terrariums
custom terrariums are the most popular request and our specialty! we work closely with you to come up with the most creative and personalized terrariums. anything is possible! portraits in miniature, odd scenes, we can source a wide variety of plants, unique vessels… we love a challenge… bring it…


inspired by gypsies and rockers, by mothers and friends, by nature and the found object… we collect vintage and organic elements to create one of a kind hand made and /or assembeled pieces that echo the bohemian and electic spirit of california’s chaparral landscape. check out our shop for new designs or get in touch.


seed bombs, planted vessels of all shapes and sizes, wall hanging plants, linen pouches filled with crystals and geodes… we are always exploring new ways of making things (with and with out plants) that seduce your imagination and reflect the our enthusiasm and respect for a beautifully made and presented objects.


consider us for your upcoming events, whether it is your wedding, a very special dinner party, a night to remember…… centerpieces, tablescapes, party favors, custom decorations or other creative displays – plant friendly or not… invite us to add take care of the aesthetic details… contact@chaparral-studio.com


with plants…

although we specialize in terrariums and small scale landscapes, our green thumb does not stop there. whether it is for your home or as a gift we do lovely and beautifully curated plantings in pots and planters of any size. be it edible, herbal, succulents & cacti, ferns, grasses… you name it we can do it!  let it be known we are also skilled gardeners and plant stylists! residential gardens, patios, decks, balconies, interiors (personal or commercial), window displays, photo shoots… we love to come up with new and creative ways of introducing plants into your life and visual space. whether you are looking for a complete overhaul of your garden, just lacking some plant age in your home office or shooting a fashion shoot with a jungle theme – hit us up for a consultation! we’d love to provide you with some green with style.


even if plants aren’t a part of the equation, styling of the home, office, events, store front  or shoots are just another service that we offer. we are artists with a careful eye for design and detail.

for more information or any questions send us an email. we look forward to hearing and working with you!


prioritizing mood and composition, our photography subjects range dramatically. for more information get in touch… contact@chaparral-studio.com


“i ordered three custom pieces at the last minute as gifts. my order included very specific requests for the figures inside of the terrariums. bianca created terrariums that fit my descriptions perfectly and added her own unique flare. the people i gave them to were elated. thank you again!” – ethan t. berlin

“a pleasure to work with, fantastic product, great instructions, and speedy shipping. thank you, thank you, thank you! ♥” – m.

“bianca is an amazing talent and her one-of-a-kind terrariums uniquely beautiful!” – g.f.

“super awesome shop. i highly recommend buying from this seller. i love mine! thank you!!” – k.l.

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P.O. BOX 50964 Los Angeles, CA 90050