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Tip the world over on its side and everything loose will land in Los Angeles.

-Frank Lloyd Wright

Slowly sloping towards the ocean, Los Angeles is a bazaar of curiosities, marvels, and sun-soaked fantasy. But cradling this dream by the beach, acting as segue from the make-believe to the reality of the surrounding deserts is the Chaparral. It is a landscape in between. It is from this terrain and culture that Chaparral Studio fashions it projects into reminders of these possibilities.

A creative studio based in Los Angeles, California – Chaparral Studio weaves together nature, a sense of humor and an ethical approach to design. The studio creates and designs both objects and landscapes. Learn more about what we offer on our services page.

Bianca D’Amico studied art, receiving a BFA from Otis and an MFA from CalArts. Her affinity for playing with plants in and out of her art practice, a few of which are like her, native to California, led to creating terrariums, floral design and landscapes. With a prominent feminist agenda, hands-on-can-do attitude and an obsession with sustaining a studio based lifestyle she founded Chaparral Studio in 2012. 

Bianca is the prominent designer of the various odds & ends that make up Chaparral Studio the Shop. A collection that ranges from hand pressed brass tags, handcrafted jewelry, to crystals & minerals thoughtfully packaged to tell a story. D’Amico’s work engages with personal and political narratives. Riffing on a California-centric vibe, the pieces bridge the natural world, with outspoken behavior and encourage curiosity. All designs are original, some collaborations with fellow creatives that are dear friends. Often the pieces are one of a kind with careful attention to detail, honoring the handmade and born out of the desire to spread fun and flirt with perspectives. Visit here to view what is in the shop, or here to find out where else to buy Chaparral Studio designs. To stay up to date with new projects and learn more about the studio follow along on Instagram.

When not in the studio or on a job site Bianca can often be found hiking or driving her truck off road seeking adventure with her trusty companion an Australian Shepherd named Joni Mitchell and her partner in crime.

Bianca D’Amico (& Joni Mitchell)
Artist / Founder


Maite Quílez D’Amico
Garden Designer / Creative Collaborator

As a small child, Maite D’Amico moved from Bilbao, Spain to South America. It was in the lush and verdant Venezuela that her nascent fascination with nature began.

In Los Angeles, she followed in her father’s footsteps and carried her own sharp sense of aesthetics and design into the role of Art Director, Creative Director, and ultimately, management of an agency.

The intricately dovetailing amalgam of mountains, beach, and desert that forms Los Angeles always provided a respite from the stresses of advertising and an inspiration for creation and play in her own garden – both a laboratory of experimentation and a constant source of awe.

Bringing together these passions, sensibilities, and skills, Maite continues to listen to and understand what thrills or what soothes people. In her new turn as a Garden Designer, she is now excited to help tell someone’s story in their own surroundings.



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Each object in our shop is lovingly hand made in our Los Angeles studio or carefully hand picked. The collection ranges from jewelry to accessories for either your person or habitat. Our wares highlight a California-centric humor and political edge glazed with our insatiable love of nature. As a finishing touch each and every piece is presented with thoughtfulness to be gifted or personally cherished.

Custom gifts are a common and welcome request. Get in touch to learn more about how we may be of service.


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Whether your garden is a large plot of land or a small patio in need of some potted elements consider our garden design services. As a collaborative team, as mother and daughter we tackle your garden needs and dreams by accounting not only for the horticultural details that can sustain our warm southern California temperatures but will entice you to consider your outdoor areas as a destination for entertainment, relaxation, play or all of the above.

Our designs emphasize the use of drought tolerant and California native flora. We are invested in creating habitats that address your use or desired use of your space while supporting the surrounding eco system.

Beyond plants we can also be called upon to seek out furnishings, lighting and hardscape elements.

We are very proud of our friendly and experienced team and also offer maintenance services to keep that green space lush and happy. 

To see our most current garden projects follow along on our garden design dedicated instagram account and / or check out our pinterest board portfolio of gardens we have designed.


Bringing plants indoors has been scientifically proven to be both beneficial for your personal health and  the environment. Not sure who to pick or where and how to include plants in your homestead, place of business or headquarters? That is where we come in.  We can introduce you to a whole new world of indoor gardening by curating and installing plants for your interior spaces that will not only satisfy your need for green with a designers touch but we carefully consider your spaces potential and make considerate and educated choices that are honest and will thrive.

Detailed plant care instructions and / or plant care services are also available.

For arrangements of flora less permanent consider our styling and art direction. We boast a wealth of experience, knowledge and resources for attaining interesting materials and concocting intriguing arrangements for projects ranging from shop windows to commercial spaces, projects and events. A handful of our previous clients and collaborations are listed below.

clients / collaborations / events

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