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hang ’em high

November 5, 2013


i have 3 cats. two of which (the girls) are naughty little plant munchers. with that in mind my house plant selection has had to consist of poison free and hardy greens (and of course all the other considerations such as light conditions also weigh in on the decision making). that said i rarely put a plant at cats reach. in fact 99% of my house plants are hanging high.

i like this solution for displaying plants not only because it protects them from feline teeth but it feeds my bohemian fantasy of cascading ferns and long limbered cacti. while i own many plant hangers and have even made a few, i recently have come across two locally handmade designs that have certainly made my wish list. they are too good not to share with you my fellow green thumbs…

the leather number is by makesmith. the craftsmanship and details are perfection. the other planter hanger that has won my affection is Jo Abellera of KKIBO‘s organic shaped air plant hanger. these little guys are my idea of hippie chic.

do you have a favorite source or plant hanger designer? please share! i personally can never have too many!


(the guilty ladies are the two on the left… yup.)

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