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Studio Assistant

August 10, 2017

Never leave home without her. Joni Mitchell the studio pup is our secret to always having a good day even when it may be a bad day. Highly recommend a k9 companion to all who work long studio hours.

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August 8, 2017

When not in the studio I prefer to be on the open road. A 4×4 only dirt road to be specific. The truck, the dog, the boy friend and a great view. We’ve been hustling hard and day dreaming of this past adventure filled Spring season. In need of another open space field trip real soon. I feel like the pup agrees. Until then the hustle continues! Not complaining just caught my head in the clouds for a moment there.

For more photos of our travels in the truck check out my personal instagram account – @the_tonic_of_wildness

And if you got any recent near by dirt road must see spots for camping and the likes please don’t hesitate to share.

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