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No.7 Holiday Gift Guide

November 30, 2013



check it out! We are No. 7 of the LA TIMES HANDMADE HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE!
can’t stop smiling / jumping up and down / dancing in place etc.

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la i’m yours

November 6, 2013


anyone who knows me is well aware that i am a proud angeleno, so its no surprise when kyle of LA I’M YOURS ¬†hit me up for an interview i was pretty excited. also kyle independent of his blog is a pretty fantastic person to spend time with. and when laure offered to shoot my studio… i was all smiles! (and so was hannah. she is obsessed¬†with miss joliet.)

unlike most interviews i have done that focus on the product in this particular story kyle really emphasized questions regarding the cross over between art and commerce. he had me asking myself questions i knew the answers to in my head but hadn’t really spent a lot of time communicating to a larger audience – and thank you kyle for that challenge. often times the chaparral studio “image” is limited to pretty pictures of succulents and crystals so its great to be able to engage and share my relationship and history with art and what business has done to me along with the influence my town, los angeles.

the photos of the studio are all by the amazing laure joliet. she came just in time, as my studio mate quinn built these beautiful custom shelves. hire him! he is amazing!

you can read the full post here. xo b


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apartment therapy – meet the maker

August 8, 2013


















a major thank you to the super awesome gregory han for the fun interview and photo shoot that made its way on to apartment therapy today! always nice to hang out with someone who loves nature and design with equal measure. also hannah has a new best friend! see the full post here…

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