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vertical succulent garden

September 26, 2014



designing and planting someone’s garden is always a privilage and a pleasure. this was especially the case and then some when we worked on the garden owned by the wonderful couple behind the design company, multee project. there were many facets to the project but a major highlight was when the pair requested a vertical succulent wall piece.  in collaboration with carpenter and artist james melinat we installed this beautiful custom redwood frame that holds a colorful array of succulents amongst moss and hand picked foraged pieces for added texture. it felt like the old days making paintings except instead of acrylic the materials were living or natural. 🙂

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February 12, 2014


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upcoming event:
pergolina martini party / trunk show

November 8, 2013


i’m super excited about this event – and not just because i get to sell my wares at one of my favorite places but because i will be surrounded by some majorly talented designers that i have admired for YEARS! if you love jewelry this is the event not to be missed! additionally there will be other treasures in pewter, leather, and more…
chaparral studio will be selling a variety of crowd pleasers and one of a kind surprises (perhaps i will show some sneak peeks soon…)!
so come and get a head start on your holiday shopping or personal shopping! have a martini! a bite to eat! and visit me!

xo b

pergolina martini party / trunk show
thursday, november 14th
5 – 9 pm
10139 riverside drive
toluca lake, ca 91602

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la i’m yours

November 6, 2013


anyone who knows me is well aware that i am a proud angeleno, so its no surprise when kyle of LA I’M YOURS  hit me up for an interview i was pretty excited. also kyle independent of his blog is a pretty fantastic person to spend time with. and when laure offered to shoot my studio… i was all smiles! (and so was hannah. she is obsessed with miss joliet.)

unlike most interviews i have done that focus on the product in this particular story kyle really emphasized questions regarding the cross over between art and commerce. he had me asking myself questions i knew the answers to in my head but hadn’t really spent a lot of time communicating to a larger audience – and thank you kyle for that challenge. often times the chaparral studio “image” is limited to pretty pictures of succulents and crystals so its great to be able to engage and share my relationship and history with art and what business has done to me along with the influence my town, los angeles.

the photos of the studio are all by the amazing laure joliet. she came just in time, as my studio mate quinn built these beautiful custom shelves. hire him! he is amazing!

you can read the full post here. xo b


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hang ’em high

November 5, 2013


i have 3 cats. two of which (the girls) are naughty little plant munchers. with that in mind my house plant selection has had to consist of poison free and hardy greens (and of course all the other considerations such as light conditions also weigh in on the decision making). that said i rarely put a plant at cats reach. in fact 99% of my house plants are hanging high.

i like this solution for displaying plants not only because it protects them from feline teeth but it feeds my bohemian fantasy of cascading ferns and long limbered cacti. while i own many plant hangers and have even made a few, i recently have come across two locally handmade designs that have certainly made my wish list. they are too good not to share with you my fellow green thumbs…

the leather number is by makesmith. the craftsmanship and details are perfection. the other planter hanger that has won my affection is Jo Abellera of KKIBO‘s organic shaped air plant hanger. these little guys are my idea of hippie chic.

do you have a favorite source or plant hanger designer? please share! i personally can never have too many!


(the guilty ladies are the two on the left… yup.)

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disco ball planters for air bnb’s pop up home designed by justina blakeney

October 4, 2013


you better believe i was tickled pink when designer extraordinaire justina blakeney asked to showcase our disco ball planters in her interior design project for air bnb‘s pop up home. the space she designed was with actress lake bell in mind. it was booming with color and pattern as most of justina’s arrangements are. our planters were in good company amongst all the textures and vegetation and we are so thankful that she invited us to be a part of the visual feast!

the disco ball planters are now available on our online shop! each one is made to order by hand!

photos by the super talented laure joliet. to see more visit this link.

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l & j’s wedding / photos by polly antonia barrowman

August 23, 2013

Whole Frame (59)

in april i had the great privilege of doing all the pretty flora details for my dear friends lia & jason’s wedding in palm springs.  and to add to the awesomeness of it all my super talented “scientist by day, photographer by day” friend polly antonia barrowman photographed the whole shebang from process to completion. while selecting which of the lovely photographs to show off on the blog i was reflecting back to that happy day of  bunching succulents with lia’s favorite flowers (peonies and chrysanthemum) in the kitchen excited knowing that soon my beautiful friend would be holding the concoctions of blooms down the aisle to marry her best friend.

lucky for me my best friend was there to help me with all running around. thanks again mr. evans (wink wink). again a huge thank to lia and jason for inviting me to be such a big part of their special day. and to polly thank you for gorgeous photos!!! folks – she is up for hire! check out her site here.


the cream part 1 / photos by marble rye & moi

April 4, 2013


finally i am post images from the cream event! it was quite the experience. i was surrounded by amazingly talented folks from all over town and felt so lucky to be amongst them! i met so many wonderful folks that i hope to work with lots in the future. thank you to everyone that came out!

below are couple shots of my table. the problem with doing your table and several other projects is that it leaves little energy to document so my apologies if my images aren’t up to par! we poured our hearts into this display – it was loaded with moss, orchids, succulents, floral notes and surprises all along the way. we designed a sweet heart table that was suited for a romantic pair. at the plate of the bride and groom was a tiny miniature nude that pulled a thread tied to a mica gilded wishbone (real!) in the center of their settings. the idea suggesting that the two would break the bone and wish for the best on their upcoming adventure as a team. throughout the table dressings there were many more scenes to encounter… such as honeymoons in the van with the pets, a glitter dance party in one of the vintage glass / brass trinket boxes, a woman painting a male nude, a lady flying a kite with her dog companion and much more… we were so lucky we got to use a gorgeous table and bench from found rentals and two sexy bertoia chairs from yeah! rentals to complete our look.
hopefully we can score some other shots of our table from elsewhere but in the mean time this serves as a little insight on our display at the cream event…

cream2 copy
cream3 copy

one of the best parts of the event was collaborating with the talented jessica of bramble workshop to create this tablescape for the delicious urban palate display. they are such an incredible group of folks at this catering company – warm and friendly, up for creative challenges and best of all make the yummiest treats in town. jessica is responsible for the lovely box designs and the background and my handy work is all the florals. we did 6 lovely arrangements for their table along with garnish dressings and sweet boutineers to pin on to their handsome staff.

another collaboration was this planted tipi (tepee, teepee…) for bash, please. this tipi was covered from head to toe in succulents, ferns, moss and love. it took a small crew of patient ladies with a passion for plants to install this beauty. i am quite pleased with the end result of this project but i have some ideas for a more sustainable planted tipi in the works! this one inspired me so much and was such a blast to build i kinda think i want to do my first test garden tipi for my dog…

and my last collaboration with miss jess was this backdrop for smilebooth…. it was super silky soft. at one point in the process of making it i was convinced that i should put the strips of fabric on everything as decoration, including myself as a scarf. i think that is the side effect that happens when you spend hours upon hours starring and cutting  gold shiny metallic fabric…

a big thank you to my friend and photographer melissa at marble rye for most of the images on this post (and on my site!) of this event.


diy plant hangers

February 26, 2013

i am in the process of filling my boyfriends place with plants (this happens when you date or friend me). i had brought him a fern. it needed to hang. but i hated the site of the plastic container. i had to make it visually pleasing quick but was without my usual gear. so in an effort to be budget friendly and resourceful considering the immediacy of the situation (ugly plastic pots are visually offensive to me) i planted it in a terracotta pot that was laying around and for a base i used a bowl he frequently eats his soup out of (sorry babe – promise this part is a temporary fix). to make the hanger itself i took basic white cotton rope and braided three long strands. i tied each end of the three braided strands together. after i tied them i wrapped them several times over to give it a cleaner and more sculptural look and hung that puppy up. voila. plant hanger city! the round pot hanger is an example of another quick diy fix plant hanger i made a few months prior (also at his place). this hanger is made of cooking thread! i cut about 10 or 12 long strands, again tie them at each end, spread em’ insert the pot and you are golden!

got any cool quick plant hanger ideas – share ’em! although i collect vintage macrame plant hangers i always love a quick fix for plant hanging glory.


custom terrariums

January 16, 2013



we’ve been cooking up custom terrariums like mad. here are just a few favorites… ferns, air plants, succulents, miniatures, bikes, dogs, cats… oh my!

and if you were wondering. yes, it is true. the middle terrarium is of a sneak attack / dude on dude wrestling action. yup. like i always say, anything is possible! hit us up with a challenge!


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