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diy plant hangers

February 26, 2013

i am in the process of filling my boyfriends place with plants (this happens when you date or friend me). i had brought him a fern. it needed to hang. but i hated the site of the plastic container. i had to make it visually pleasing quick but was without my usual gear. so in an effort to be budget friendly and resourceful considering the immediacy of the situation (ugly plastic pots are visually offensive to me) i planted it in a terracotta pot that was laying around and for a base i used a bowl he frequently eats his soup out of (sorry babe – promise this part is a temporary fix). to make the hanger itself i took basic white cotton rope and braided three long strands. i tied each end of the three braided strands together. after i tied them i wrapped them several times over to give it a cleaner and more sculptural look and hung that puppy up. voila. plant hanger city! the round pot hanger is an example of another quick diy fix plant hanger i made a few months prior (also at his place). this hanger is made of cooking thread! i cut about 10 or 12 long strands, again tie them at each end, spread em’ insert the pot and you are golden!

got any cool quick plant hanger ideas – share ’em! although i collect vintage macrame plant hangers i always love a quick fix for plant hanging glory.



February 20, 2013


been busy prepping for some top secret stuff. things are kinda stressful and exciting all at the same time. that being said nothing quite like good times with friends to release all that creative rage. and the smileboothalways manages to capture us at our finest.

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new jewelry on our shop!

February 5, 2013


be sure to check out our shop – we just updated it with lots of new jewelry designs! they are all made with lots of love… just in time for valentine’s day. keep in mind we also can customize… get in touch – contact(at)

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la mart / LA artisan showcase

February 2, 2013

mart5 copy


last week i had the great privilege of participating in the la mart‘s artisan showcase on the 11th floor. i didn’t invite my usual company considering it was set up for wholesale ordering but i had to share the experience! my fellow artisans – some i knew before and some are now new friends – were such an creative and rad bunch. please be sure to check out their sites and consider them when buying your next gifts… you won’t be disappointed.

the crew…
BZIPPY and Co.
Cathy Callahan
Joey Roth
Kate Miss
Lookout & Wonderland
OK Universe
Mt. Washington Pottery
Saskia Wilson-Brown
Tanya Aguiñiga Studio

another must see… a dear friend opened up an awesome new space on the 11th floor of the mart called collective field. inside their offices they feature some  amazing projects by talents such as nancy stella soto, joshua nathanson, emilie halpern and more…
so yeah i was surrounded by beauty. life ain’t bad. and of course hannah dog  got to join the fun.

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